Friday, November 14, 2008

Playing Catch Up

There are a couple of Fun Farm Events from last month that I never did post about.
I think Friday's are a good day to get caught up on old, yet interesting news.
First on the List:

Moving Brandy-Wine & Daisy-Miller from the "Boy's Paddock" to the "Girl's Palace"

Lizzy & Franny sat in the "bleachers" for the best viewing,

while Spaetzle did her best "herd dog" impersonation,

First up was Brandy, just because she was easiest to catch,
let me tell you, those baby goats are heavy!
And it's not that easy to catch them - Arlene said it was like being at the rodeo watching the kids catch a pig - Lucky for me I was able to put them in the area that wasn't muddy.
Daisy was a little harder to catch - I had to catch my breath for a minute before going any farther. We did try putting her down to let her walk herself with me holding the leash, but she just jump around and ran in circles, back in my arms she went.

I had to ask Arlene to help me carry her, she got one end & I got the other.

If you look closely you can see her mouth open and her tongue out - she bleated loudly the whole way over!

Girly-Girl,Porkchop & Tuffy have accepted the girls into their group.
I think Daisy & Brandy are happy in their new home.

And the Fence is holding up Rob!

The other fun time didn't happen on the farm and it was the same weekend that Arlene & I & Richard moved the goats. Richard was the photographer of the goat move, though I didn't express my appreciation while the move was on the go- a belated Thanks Richard!

We went down the road to help friends press grapes for wine, how cool is that?
We weren't sure if we were going to be stomping grapes with our feet, so we all wore pants that could easily be rolled up and washed our feet extra good....but no, it was all be done by a press.

Alan's Set Up
Pouring syrah grapes into the press.
Catching fresh wine! Not pressed, just "run-off" the best of crop! Needless to say we all had many glass fulls while doing the "work"

It's getting full, time to press with our hands to make sure it is completely full

Look at our Preety Hands!

Now it's time to press, Susan does the first go by, then we all give it a try.

and then of course we have to taste the difference between "run-off" and pressed wine.
What a hard job!
Here are a few videos to better explained what went on.

Have a great weekend!

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Padre Mickey said...

A great post and a great blog! Thanks for linking to the Dance Party, and you can be sure that I will be dropping by here regularly.