Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This & That

Life on the Farm is moving along as fast as the Seasons are changing.
Our good friends Jeff & Sheryl along with their Kidd(pupp)lings - Olo, Inga & Marshell, came for a weekend stay & hunt. That same weekend Arlene and Kay dropped in.
Good walks, great food, playing music & singing & drinking were all the pleasures of the Farm festivities. One Dinner party included 7 human guests and 8 canine guests.
It was a hoot with no injuries, just one "time-out" for Cinder.
Unfortunately we didn't take many photos - just having way too much fun!
Our Big News on the Farm is that Fletcher's will become "Hanging Beef" on November 25 and then "Package Beef" on December 2.

Here are a few shots we've taken over the past couple of weeks:

The couch is just big enough for Jeff, Inga & Olo

Our house comes with it's own Art Work! While it was flooding on the "Coast" the Entiat rose and became muddy.Night-Time Fog,
and Night-Time Moon, followed by,

Morning Moon.

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