Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Mary has left the farm, flying, as I type, back to San Salvador. I miss her already, but we had a blast together these past two weeks. The time was filled with "Firsts".
We had our first ripe tomato from the garden.
We celebrated by having a brunch - a platter of garden vegies, feta cheese, english muffins slathered with homemade mayo, and being civilized, a bottle of local wine. There wasn't much chatter, just mmm's and smacks were mumbled as we chomped the morsels and licked the juices running down our hands.

Isn't that first summer tomato the best?

Other "firsts" from the garden during the visit were snow peas(I planted them late) and spaghetti squash. The garden in the Vineyard is doing great. I'm planning on planting more there next year - I think the peppers, tomatoes & potatoes will do even better on this slope

I'm not the only one who was happy to see Mary, I do believe the young hens were thrilled with her company. Why else would they start laying their first eggs?
The one in the middle that looks like a football was a double-yolker.

Mary & I spent many hours sewing.
While it was baking hot downstairs we chatted and helped eachother with sewing problems upstairs in the cool aircondition.
Amazing this is the first time we've sewed together!
Mary made cases for her sunglasses and travel pillow, while I finished this dress.
It is so much more fun sewing with someone - We highly reccommend it!
To top the list - Mary went to her first ever Baseball game!
Our friend Teresa gave us free tickets to an Apple Sox game. They are a Wenatchee team that consist of college age players.
You know Keith & I had so much fun explaining all the rules of the game to Mary. Just in case you have any doubts, Mary did say she enjoyed herself and appreciated all of our running commentary.

Until next year Mary!

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