Friday, August 21, 2009

The Letter T

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T is for THRASHER.

The "Thrasher" aka Swather broke down 2 weeks ago. Keith had just finished cutting the small alfalfa field and was starting on the big one when - clunk- the engine quit and it hasn't started since. He has tried many things to fix it - got new parts- yet it still doesn't run. He's working on it again this morning - hopefully he will have it running. The hay needs a-cuttin'.

The thing is that he worked on it all spring to get it in tip-top shape. New used tires, fixed the hydraulic oil leak and I think a few other repairs.
Don't you all feel for Farmer Keith?

T is for Tractor

I drove the tractor yesterday. Every summer Keith has to re-teach me how to drive the cute machine. I do like maneuvering it but I still feel a little intimidated by "Old Blue".
This is Keith's second cut of Alfalfa from this field. So far he has cut more this year than all of last year and he is only half way done.
Mostly due to weather, but I'm sure Keith is charming the grass to grow faster.
He's such a good Farmer!

While I drove Keith bucked the bales of hay on the trailer.
I definitely had the fun job.

T is for Turkey

I think I'm having more fun with the turkeys than any of the other farm animals. Mainly because I'm so surprised by their character! They act very much like our dogs. Follow me around, want me to pet them, seem to enjoy being picked up. And they are so Big yet they do not try to harm me in any form!
Since I don't clip their wings they can easily get out of the pen, so every evening they come down to the house to say Hello.

Cinder & I take them back to the barn for their evening meal and if all goes well they get put up in the area that they can't fly out of to keep them safe from predators like raccoons, coyotes or even cougars. This year we have lost 11 ducklings and 1 young turkey to raccoons.
A neighbors pygmy goat was just killed by a cougar.

Some of these big boys will be our Thanksgiving meal, but we hope the females will lay eggs and that we will have chicks in the spring.

He pecked my camera lens and I thought he almost broke it!

This has nothing to do with the Letter T - it just is pretty.
Loving the Garden Harvest
and I'm already planning how I will do the garden better next year!
Next post will be about our wonderful visit from Amy, Kevin, and the Grandkids!

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Alyssa said...

You are going to get so attached to the turkeys we are going to be eating tofurkey for thanksgiving. delicious. I hope dad gets the thrasher working soon. I would buy him a shiny new one but I'm guessing they are more than I have ever had in my entire life. I can't wait for someone to post pictures of the kids visit!