Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visits in August

Mid- August we had visits from Amy (Keith's youngest daughter), her husband Kevin and their two children, our grand kids!, Tyler & Susan and during the same week, Arlene & Richard. It was great to have the Farm filled with Family!

One evening while the young family was visiting friends in Chelan, us older folks gathered at the Yurt for dinner and card games.

Arlene made us a great meal of pasta, salad, bread and of course plenty of vino. For dessert she created a dish of fresh figs (from their yard) in a aromatic lemon sauce.
It was a perfect Yurt Feast

Last month Besty May visited us - I forgot to take any photos, but in memory of that visit, Keith wore the T Shirt she gave him.

Betsy May is a huge Portland Trailblazers Fan.
Only Cool Daddy-O's get Groovy Shirts.

Tyler and Susie quickly learned my morning routine.

Lending me a hand to feed the Turkeys,

Shooshing the baby goats away from the Turkeys breakfast,

helping out feeding the chickens our left over dinner scraps,

getting to know my favorite hen, Sophia,

Sofia is very social

they also gathered the eggs ( we now are up from 1- 2 egg to 3 - 5 everyday)
After the chores are done we headed to the hay pile for a morning climb.

In the afternoons it's off to The River They Go.

We made what is becoming a yearly pilgrimage to "The Entiat Elves Wee Golf"

Under Grandpa's scoring, Tyler & Susie tied for first, he came in second, then Kevin, Amy and me last. No one dare questioned his scoring technique.

There was plenty of coloring - outside and in,

reading out loud, games of Memory (which Tyler won hands down - at least I beat Susie!), horse shoes, bean bag throwing - the usual farm doings.

We went out to dinner in Chelan ,

Tyler took this photo - I think he can be my regular photographer!

We went to the Bamboo Shoot - one of our Favs - for hibachi grill.

The kids had Miso Soup for the first time and they loved it!

In fact they loved the whole meal and show, Tyler didn't even mind the chef throwing broccoli at him, he simply threw it back!

On the last day of the visit we took the family to our neighbors to feed his horses carrots and visit.

I think they are natural Horse riders - perhaps we should get a horse?....
here are a couple of videos of Susie's First Rides.

It's been a good month for visitors, even from Immunex days friends Ken B. and his family stopped by on their way to Chelan and this weekend Julie H. is coming.

Always fun at the Farm.
And we love Visits!


Amy said...

Love the pictures. Love the videos. We had so much fun! I promise I will soon have my blog updated.

By the way, has my dad got the Thrasher working yet?

granny said...

what fun! Those grandkids are going to always want to see you both! Their memories will be so rich.