Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mary's Classroom with Her Students

This is my Journalism Class, levels I and II. Really there are too many students in this elective for it to be truly effective. I realize that many teachers deal with more than 18 students but...
This is my Grade 11 English Class, 16 students total. American literature is the subject of this class. We've just finished a unit on short stories. Great fun. I arrange the stories from earliest to most recent , so from Benjamin Franklin to Stephen King. We don't have time to hit all the American short story writers, especially considering that it was in the USA that the short story truly came into its own, but we read samples from each century. This week we start a new unit: The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave. Again we will be following history as we explore various genres.
This is one of my AP Literature and Composition classes. I have 13 students in this class and...
... this is the other AP class. Again 13 students. All are in Grade 12. We are studying British Literature, starting with Shakespeare's Macbeth. Along with the study of this major work, we look at poetry-John Donne, Marlowe and Raleigh, and sonnets-Shakespeare, Spenser and Sidney, and madrigals. Right now we are on Act V. They've written sonnets, which I have not marked yet, will memorize a soliloquy to present to the class along with an analysis of it, and write an essay test before we are through. The year did not start with Macbeth, it started with a study of two dystopias: Brave New World and 1984. The thought is, as we follow literature through history, we will try to determine how we came to these two scenarios of despair for human civilization.
Next weekend I hope to post photos of the Independence Day celebration held in the gym. It was really quite spectacular. I remembered my camera, unusual for me, took one photo and ran out of battery. A friend plans to send me copies that she took. We'll see.

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