Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Day Before The Independence Day Celebration

This pep rally was held on Thursday, September 10, the day before the big Independence Day celebration. All of High School, students and teachers alike, are divided into colors, our team; competitions are held between the colors. Despite being all in white, my team color is black. It isn't that I forgot, but I needed to be in white for the little drama that was planned next.
A teacher is given the added responsibility of planning school-wide events. This year that brave and exhausted person, Daniel Calona, is a member of the Spanish Department. This pep rally, which included cheering nonsensically, a play and a competition to determine which color knew its history best, were his doing.
Here am I with my big hat and shawl trying to look like a Spanish lady living in El Salvador with my husband, on my left, a Spanish landowner, and our overseer on my right. We reenacted the cruel Spanish ownership of the indigenous laborer and the brave Spanish priests who acted to free the indigenous people by compelling the landowners to sign papers of independence
A better shot of me! An interesting question: Why was I chosen to play this role? The answer is that the Salvadorans desperately did not want to take the roles of the Spanish. So they handed the roles to two foreign teachers and Gilberto, a Salvadoran, who knew that no foreigner could do the role of the conquered Spaniard justice. Unfortunately I do not have a shot of the others in the Spanish Department playing the roles of the oppressed indigenous or the brave priests.