Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Where For Art Thou?

Yikes the whole month of February has passed by without a single posting!
Here is an attempt to capsule what was happening on the Farm during that time.

On the Farm the change from Winter to Spring is heralded by the Turkeys marching down to our porch.

They seem to be wanting me to get hurrying with the morning feed.

"May I come in?"
"Well then, we'll just wait for you outside under the Apple Tree."
"Come a-long little Turk Turks."
Cinder wants to try out her herding skills...
"Whoa little doggie!"
All corralled, safe and sound.
Weather-wise the month was drab. The first 3 weeks were cloudy, damp, and uninspiring.
What little snow we had melted, causing the ground to be muck.

Spaetzle began to show signs of old age - she slept a lot, seemed to be hard of hearing and didn't have the spring in her steps. We took her to the vet and she basically got a clean bill of health, she had lost a couple of pounds, but her blood work came back very good. Than this last week, we thought she was dying - she didn't move for two days and only drank a little water that I brought to her in a tea cup. But on the third day she started getting up, wanting to go outside, started eating a little and almost seemed like her young self. We believe she will be with us a wee bit longer, which makes us glad, for she is such a sweetie.
Other Farm news...
Tuffy seems to be managing her pregnancy well. She is due in April (I think)
All the goats are fine and with the snow melting they get to go on walks!
Smiling Vanessa
Squaring off with Spaetzle
Funny Ella Mae
Girly-girl queen of the woods.
We have two hens who are broody! One hen is sitting on 15 eggs, the other has 10 beneath her. They don't seem to care who eggs they sit on, for there are all the types of eggs under them, blue, brown, tan, all are there! I believe they should be hatching this week or next - I will definitely post timely on that news.

The change in the weather allows the hens to go outside.
They love scratching in the dirt - it must be hard being cooped up for those Winter months.

Ducky loves it also!

Keith has finished pruning the fruit trees, I have greens growing in the green house, and soon Keith & I will be building more fences - we always seem to be in need of those structures. And so the Growing Season begins.

The last week of February the Sun came out and hasn't really left! We did get one pretty snow fall but really it was a gift for our visitors who's kids really wanted to play in snow. It was gone the next day, but stayed around long enough for Lucy to build a snow girl and for Jasper to throw a few snow balls.
Joey Jasper and his Papa.
Lucy and a very happy Bandida
April, a happy Mama in the Woods.

Richard, loving the pups.
You can't sit on our couches without a Pup in your lap - take it as a warning or a gift - your choice!
Spaetzle we are so happy that you are staying with us.
Now it is March and I will try to post in a more timely fashion.
Having Sun is very helpful.

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