Friday, March 5, 2010

They Grow So Fast

Thursday night when I tuck the hens to bed (close their yard door and turn off the light) I saw that the Mama's had moved the chicks to the ground floor! Day two and they are out of the nest box.

These are photos from Friday Morning.

We have six chicks. I found one dead in the nest box.
They are already eating - at least they are making the motions...

The last couple of days we haven't collected eggs because all the hens layed where the Mama hens layed so I couldn't tell the "almost hatched" from the "fresh" eggs, so
I gathered them and put them in the compost - 40 eggs!
But at least I can collect eggs without worrying if the egg is fit to eat.
Good reason to have a brooder room where only the hens who are broody stay, allows no mix up with the eggs!
Isn't that beautiful compost?

Friday we moved the male goats back to the "Manger" and I cleaned out their winter stall, "Turkey Gultch" - Now just the Turkeys are there - hoping that having the goats gone they will start laying their eggs in the nest boxes.....

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Check out Valentino's Mohawk! (That one's for you A-R)

The turkeys won't be completely alone - next on the list of "Spring Cleaning the Barn" is the Rooster Room. I will move the down to "Turkey Gultch" and transform the "Rooster Room" to the "Brooder Room" Farmer Keith is going to build a new "Rooster Romper Room", but it's a little way's down the list...

Here are a couple of very short videos of the chicks on the ground with their Mama's.
The one on the right is dark but the sound is pretty good.

Stay tuned for more Spring News - something just happened Friday night....

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