Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last night when I went to put up the hens and collect the evening eggs I noticed that my two sitting hens had moved slightly. They now are sitting with a nest area between them instead of side by side. Laying in that space between the hens were 3 eggs and a empty half shell that looked very suspiciously like a hatched egg. But I saw no chicks.

This morning the hens still had the space between them but they were positioned differently - sitting higher on the tail end and one was facing me - as you can see in the photo above. But I still didn't see a chick - until...
I returned after feeding the goats and there was one sweet chick nestled in her mama's wing!

One very cool thing is that the hens purr, like a cat almost. I took a video in hopes to share the sound with you. Listen closely and I think you can hear the hens purr and the chick chirp. There could be more under those wings - It's going to be hard not to keep going up there to check - but I don't want to disturb the hens so I will restrain myself to the morning and evening checks.

Over and out on the Hatching update.

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granny said...

baby chicks! yeah!!