Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Been Tagged

Amy tagged me and Alyssa to list 6 Quirks.

Click on their names to see their quirks.

  1. After they read my list they will be glad they just visit and don't live with me!
  2. hmmm, maybe everyone will be glad.

1. I leave a trail in the house of where I've been - droplets of dirty socks sprinkled about, perhaps a sweater dangling from a chair, a T shirt stuffed between the sheets at the end of the bed - it all makes me feel comfy. Imagine me a Jay bird and the house my nest, with bright colors of scrap tucked here and there.

2. A big indulgence for me is a bag of Cheetos. Crunchy or Puffed, I love it all. The way I like them best is to open the bag, place it on the top of the fridge and leave it for a few days to "ripen". They reach that perfect state of staleness. Unfortunately on the East side of the Mountains the air is too dry that I have never been able to get them stale. I can only go for so many days before I succumb to eating them. I miss stale Cheetos since moving to the Farm.

3. One of my favorite gifts is a box of chocolates.(hint) One box can last me a month easily, because I only eat one bite from one piece at a time. In two weeks every piece will have one bite out of them, then I start on the second bite. I usually get 3 bites out of one piece. Not many people want any of the chocolate from my box, even though I'm willing to share, after I've had my first bite that is!

4.When Fall comes I feel the need to exercise. If I don't I can easily become a moldy mound on the couch. That in itself is not quirky. The problem for me is when I do start exercising I get an overwhelming desire to smoke cigarettes. I'm out running around the Farm trying to keep myself from crossing the bridge to go down to Coopers for a pack of Camels. And I don't even smoke! When ever I have tried I end up hacking because I can't inhale. It's pathetic. By the way, I've started my Fall Exercise Program....bring cigarettes if you visit, PLEASE!!!! I'll be your best friend!

5. Even though I don't care if my socks don't match, or that I can go for days without brushing my hair, and that I love an unmade bed, I can be a little anal when it comes to setting the table. I will only use cloth napkins, tablecloth or place mats. The silver has to be placed "correctly" (fork on the left, knife with the blade turned towards the plate on the right, spoon to the right of the knife, glass above the plate to the right) To sum up I love a beautifully set table. The rest of the house can look like a bomb has gone off.

6. I have trouble telling my right from my left, corn or rice can go into my mouth, then up my nose and sneezed out, after eating I can sneeze 4 to 5 times, these aren't quirks, just defects. But I can't come up with any more quirks so they are my last entry.

Now I tag Missy and Didi. Didi I've never commented on your blog but I do look at it and I think you do a great job with your photos!

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