Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a Good Morning For A Shooting...

Yesterday morning, the air was crisp with a slight chill, the sky was blue, and Keith was in the vineyard. All was quiet except for a few bird and squirrel calls. All of a sudden he feels the ground shudder, and hears tree branches breaking. Keith turns around to face the hillside and sees six does rushing down running towards Frannie's Place. He looks up to the ridge line and sees hunter orange.
A little wake- me- up for Keith.
He makes sure the hunter sees him, one so he doesn't get shot (though it is not doe season) and two, so the hunter doesn't get any ideas about coming down on our property.
The Valley changes when it's Hunting Season.

In other news from the Farm,
Cinder has taken over Bandida & Spaetzle's spot on the couch...
and I bought a new winter hat, hand made by a friend in the Valley,
it's my "go to town" or "go to visit the barn kittens" hat.
Let me introduce you to our new Barn Cats, Lizzy (on the left) and Franny.
Lizzy is very graceful and proper,
while Franny is playful and very lovie.
They are named after two strong, fun-loving, wise women:
Elizabeth Leigh, who passed away last month, was a family friend in Panama, she took me under her wing when I was just a wee thing; Franny Springer, my sister-in-law's mom. loved life to it's fullest, and whom we dedicate a beautiful spot, with big trees and rocks, on the Farm.

Girly-girl came over to see what the commotion was about.

Franny & Spaetzle were getting acquainted ...

Their friends now.

Franny loves Lizzy.

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