Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Up Town Milking

Moving the goats marked the change from milking outdoors to milking in the Milking Parlour.
The complete separation of babes & moms was a bonus for me, because Girly-girl allows me to milk her....sort-of. She is a very stubborn goat when she thinks she is done, she lets me know by kicking and sometimes she kicks the milking pale over. I now know how the saying "Never cry over spilt milk" came from. Girly-girl can really "get my goat"!
The milking time begins with a walk to the parlour as these videos taken by our good friend Anne-Renee depicts.
First Try

Second Try.

Going back.

The night walk
The Milking Parlour
At first I had to use a battery-operated lantern, but now there is electricity in the room, which means not only is there light but there will also be heat in the winter.

Full Udder!

Pork Chop is a dream to milk!

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