Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm sure most have given up on me with this blog, but hang in there please, I know I will be able to keep posting regularly. The Fall season gives me a new schedule with time for blogging!

  • This first post is dedicated to Rob.
    We want him to see that all his hard work on the fences have paid off.
    Keith was able to finish both the goat & vineyard fences.
    He really appreciated the work from Rob, it helped him out tremendously!

  • I set up chairs to watch the goats for the first few days to see how they enjoy their new play pen.

    We think Girly-girl, Porkchop & Tuffy like their new home.
    We thought you might enjoy a couple of videos of them having fun.

  • They love the trees to death!

    Tuffy the mountain goat!

    The vineyard fence is finished also.
    After Rob & Keith stretched the electric wire from the barn to the vineyard....

    Keith added a line of barbed wire,

    now the vineyard fence is a fortress!

    It appears to be working, no deer signs inside..

    I planted irises between the vines - an extra determent - the old timers say deer do not like irises- also it will be pretty in the Spring.

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    April said...

    Rob says it was his pleasure. He hopes to pound more fences for you soon. In fact very soon... Could we visit again in November sometime - not the first weekend or Thanksgiving but somewhere in between? We miss you guys! Love April and Rob and Lucy and Jasper (P.S. Jasper has been wearing his knitted crown lately; Lucy is wearing it in a picture I just put on my blog.)