Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election 2008

I just read a great post by my friend April about Obama. Please click on her name to read it, she wrote about how lucky we are to have Barack Obama as a presidential candidate. She also quoted from a New Yorker article that is incredible.
I admit that with the long campaign and the McCain rhetoric has had me feeling depressed, sad, and a little worried that some how or other McCain might actual win. At times I lost the hope and happiness I felt in the beginning of the year. April's post and the article from the New Yorker has restored my hope and excitement that we will win this election.
As April said we are very Lucky!
Barack Obama is the best candidate this country has had in a very long time.
The following is a quote from that New Yorker article. It sums up my strong belief in Barack Obama and why I will vote for him and Joe Biden as our next President and Vice President. I have no shreds of doubt that he will be our leader in January 2009!
Thank you April for your great post and restoring my confidence in this election.

"The election of Obama—a man of mixed ethnicity, at once comfortable in the world and utterly representative of twenty-first-century America—would, at a stroke, reverse our country’s image abroad and refresh its spirit at home. His ascendance to the Presidency would be a symbolic culmination of the civil- and voting-rights acts of the nineteen-sixties and the century-long struggles for equality that preceded them. It could not help but say something encouraging, even exhilarating, about the country, about its dedication to tolerance and inclusiveness, about its fidelity, after all, to the values it proclaims in its textbooks. At a moment of economic calamity, international perplexity, political failure, and battered morale, America needs both uplift and realism, both change and steadiness. It needs a leader temperamentally, intellectually, and emotionally attuned to the complexities of our troubled globe. That leader’s name is Barack Obama."

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