Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The week so far...

Saturday night the water tank that regulates when our pump to the well turns on sprung a leak. Water was all over the floor of the basement.
Have no fear Farmer Keith is least that's what I say when something like this happens. And he did save the took him all day Sunday to do it - he pulled the tank out of the garage, weld the hole, which took a while because in the process he made the hole a little bigger, then back in place the tank went with Farmer Keith saying,
"I bet as soon as I turn the water on another hole will appear"
and he was right! But it was a small hole so we still have water and after visiting four businesses and two phone calls it looks like we have a lead on a new tank. Hopefully we will get it before the small hole gets bigger!

After working all day on the tank, Keith went with me out to the field to bring the hay bales into the barn. This is a photo of the field just after it was cut.
Our last field for the season.

The helicopters are still coming around, but this isn't a black helicopter, just a fire look-out type helicopter.
It rained most of the day and night Monday which made snow in the mountains.

Care to make a guess as to when the first snow fall will be at WC Fields?

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