Monday, February 4, 2008


I wrote earlier about Arlene's visit and her cooking us a leg of lamb, and us using some of the bloody left overs to trap weasels...well here are some photos from our great meal and our fabulous, fun, festive Arlene!

Everywhere in the snow are weasel tracks!
Each evening Keith baits and places traps where we see the weasels coming and going.
The following mornings the brutal beasts have taken another route!
Keith is like Elmer Fudd and Bugs is the Wascley Weasel!
Each night we feel that THIS will be the RIGHT spot for the trap and we'll GET that DARN Weasel!!

Hopefully Keith will have better luck than Elmer!

Saturday, February 2nd we go 6 more inches of snow!
This is how the river looks from the Bridge.

The end of the plowed driveway. Doesn't Keith do a great plowing job?
The dogs and I are off on our morning walk. Snow shoes are required, and finally I have gotten the hang of the shoes. They don't fall off any more and I've learned not to step on my own shoes!

This is the view of the River from the head of the Burke-Emily Trail. Nothing but Snow.

Longs Trail

The Yurt - Trying hard to be an igloo.

And Back around to the other end of the plowed Drive way.

Breakfast Time.

I thought you might enjoy a couple of new videos. The first was suppose to be "The Peaceful Sounds of the River." Well it turned into something a little different....

and finally, "Farm Sounds #4"

More later about Farm Life in February.

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