Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Week of Visits

We had a great week!
It began last Sunday afternoon with the arrival of Arlene- which always means fun games of "Up The Creek", "Scrabble", long walks and good food.
Monday was perfect sledding weather - cold, sunny, and icy snow. The snow sparkled in the sun. I enlisted Arlene to help me find just the right sledding slopes for Lucy and Jasper who were coming later in the week. Why is it that adults need the excuse of children to go out and have fun playing?

Arlene and I had a blast testing the different runs - we bounced acrossed the icy snow fields, frantically sticking out our feet to stop us from crashing into the barbed wire.
Yes, we found safe slopes for the kids, and Yes we were sore the next morning!
April and crew arrived, via Amtrak, Wednesday evening after the lunar eclipse.

Arlene left early Thursday sadly missing out on the sledding fun with Lucy and Jasper!

Some highlights of their visit:
* Jaspers delight every time the coo coo clock chimed

* Lucy and Keith making "Snow Holes"

* Jasper & Lucy happily eating all their supper
* Lucy playing in the "ice rink" (the pool)
* April's Cauliflower soup

* Playing Memory with Lucy and April

* Puppies and kids playing and laughing together
* Wonderful massages from April

* Learning not to sled with eggs in your pocket (that was my lesson)

They left Saturday morning and we are missing them already!

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