Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow Woes

On Wednesday & Thursday we got another foot of snow!
This time the snow was wet!!
For the past week, Keith has spent his daylight hours shoveling snow.
Last night after a day in town, he went to check on the barn animals for me (I was tending to Cinder - more about that later) He noticed that a roof beam had cracked on the goat pen due to the heavy snow! He came back for a ladder and shovel and before cocktails or supper he started clearing the roof off. It was already dusk and 1 1/2 hours later, I got worried, it had been dark for some time - what if he fell off the roof and was stuck in the snow bank? - I went out to check and found him safe and just climbing off. He thinks we will have to put a center post up to secure the roof. (photos below)
Cinder spent all day Thursday at the vets getting "fixed". She came back drugged, tired, and tender.(photos below)
She threw up a few times during the evening,but today she is fine and more or less her old self.
No more snow today and it's warm - in the 40's- so it's a bit mushy out. Keith shovel more snow off the roof but that's all the shoveling he did today and hopefully all he will have to do for several days.

finally a photo where you can see Tuffy!

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