Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project per Week

I've added a new web site to my list of places I visit - "Dress A Day". Check it out. I find it is amusing and informative, well imformative if you are begining to sew after 23 years of not sewing!
The site was also partly to blame for this segment titled "Project per Week". The other culprit is a new group I've joined - "Valley Girls" - we meet every Tuesday night and knit, sew, talk, drink (just a wee bit). One lady is 86 years old and is a wealth of information, not only in the craft topics but also in the Goat topic! Another lady is learning to knit, but is an expert at raising Beef Cattle. Another sells her felted purses in Seattle for $300 a pop.
From these weekly gatherings not only do I learn knitting concepts I gain such a wealth of Life Knowledge.
You may not be surpised that I want to impress them, so I'm trying to do one small knitting project per week so I can show them what I can do - pathetic I know - always wanting the attention-But for what ever the reason, I'm getting more done by having this "Tuesday" deadline. My idea is that I will post my projects as they get done....another imaginary "deadline" motivator.
Hope you enjoy.
This is a knitted jumper with crochet flower and trim.
For Keith's Cousin's daughter's baby!
and hopefully it will fit....
The booties were knitted by Roberta, fellow Women's Club Member and Valley Girl;
the candle holder was made by Don, our friend up river ;they all lay upon the table built by Paul, Arlene's brother!






Another new event at the farm is "Tea Time". It falls before "Cocktail Hour" and replaces "Lunch" since "Breakfast" for us is more like "Brunch".

Our friend Kathy gave us Numi tea "flowers"which makes Tea Time special.

Accompaning the Tea is Bread, soup, and a small nibble of something sweet.

Wednesdays now is "Bread and Soup Making Day" and Fridays are "Something Sweet Making Day"

Lots of schedualing going on at the Farm - perhaps a New Year Resolution type thingy.


April said...

Megan - your knitting projects certainly impress me. Not that I need to be impressed - I'd love you even if your knitting sucked. Kids and I are VERY excited about our train trip to visit Farmers Keith and Megan. Jasper said, we will look out the train window and see Farmer Keith!

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

I have been so busy and I really miss my virtual visits to the farm I habe got to set aside so time to read up:) I love your blog.