Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I love Leap Day. It makes me feel energentic because I have an extra day. As I told my friend Tara, it's close to the way I feel when I get that "extra" hour when we Fall Back in the Fall, only better because it is 24 "extra" hours!!

News from the Farm and Around Town:

We still have plenty of eggs AND they are not spoiling!

The sun is shining and it's balmy outside.
Cooper's Store sold! A brother & Sister from Wenatchee (I think) bought it and he's going to live in the basement and they are not making any major changes, just going to tinker here and there, starting with the plumbing. Seems the brother is a Handy Man of sorts.
(I went to Cooper's yesterday to post the mail & stopped at the Cafe to drink a glass of ice tea with Grant & MaryAnn....)

I've organized the sewing room. I feel inspired, cozy, & happy when I'm there.
Do not worry though, Tyler, Susie, Lucy & Jasper, it can change into the "Play Room" any ol' time you come visit - lickity-split!

That's all folks, the oven is beeping (apple crisp inside) and the sewing room is a calling me.

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