Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Week - Ending with a Flourish!

I just finished my first full week of work since the Holidays!
Except for Tuesday, like everyone else I know, Keith & I were in front of the TV, along with a couple of Valley Friends who don't have television, watching Barack Obama take his oath for the Presidency. We even watched the coverage of the parade and watched Michelle and Barack dance (we stopped at the fourth ball). It was such a great day, just knowing he is our President got me over whatever it was that was dragging me to a slowing halt on work - I've been very productive since ....

tried my hand at baking doggie biscuits - the recipe must have worked because all the dogs love them!

Finished my first project for making my own clothes - these are Lounge Pants - an updated version of the '50's housedress.

detail shot of the bottoms - next on the list is a blouse.
I also have been busy crocheting grocery bags for the Farm Stand I plan to start this summer.
But the best event this week was what happened last night.
Coming home from a party, as I went to the barn to tuck the chickens to bed I heard a scream.
When I got to the goats I saw that Girly-girl was giving birth, two kidds were beside her and still very wet and sticky.
I went back to the house to get sheets and to the barn to grab a heat lamp and food for the tired Mamma - when I returned to the goat pen I discovered that Tuffy had given birth as well.
We now have five newborn Kidds - and they all survived the first cold night!

Daisy is still pregnant, we don't think Brandy got knocked-up.

We fixed the room up with more heat lamps this morning. It's hard to tell which Mamma is to which kidd - I'm guessing that because they had them so close together that even the Mamma's don't know - we've seen the kidds going for both sets of teats, and the Mammas not minding! Though Girly-girl still bullies Tuffy around, sometimes keeping her away from all the Kidds.

The other nice touch - it snowed last night so there is a beautiful white blanket covering the fields (and all the dog poop!)
Here's a video of the newborns


Padre Mickey said...

Baby goats and baby pigs are the cutest things around. I loves 'em!

granny said...

Congratulations on the beautiful babies!! cute as buttons