Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Richard, Arlene and Butch all arrived safely and basically on time - Richard and Arlene almost missed the connecting flight but because it was delayed they made it - making their entrance after everyone else was on board! Now four of the seven siblings had arrived...so far.

The first Party for Mom was at the place she volunteers at once a week. Christian Community Services - which is a type of thrift store but no money is exchanged for the goods. We were given the full tour when we arrived for their annual Christmas Party which doubled as a celebration to Mom. We were all impressed - it's a very well run and organized working machine!

Lots of delicious food and great people - they handed out gifts to the volunteers - gifts you can't take back because they come from second-hand stores- how surprised we were when we heard our names called out!

We had a great time sharing the day with Mom, meeting her friends and being "shone off"
Our next trick was distracting Mom while a few of us went off to the airport to pick up Mom's Big Surprise - our sister Mary flying in from San Salvador!

The trick worked and Mom was surprised - she was brought to tears.

Well that's all for today - I will continue the saga tomorrow
(It may not show up as a new post because I want it laid out in chronological order so tomorrows post will be below this one....)

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April said...

Very sweet - the hug picture made me cry...