Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Our father still preaches every Sunday at a small church in Farmerville.
We decided to all go to church with him.
Mom & Dad havn't had so many of their children in church at one time since the Sixties!

When I say small I mean very small. The church is a trailer and at the most there are 5 in the congregation. This Sunday there was only one who wasn't part of our family!

Ed & Martha are always there, because they drive Dad the 30 miles to the church.Since we were the majority we took over, Butch was the acolyte,

and we all chose songs to sing. This congregation normally doesn't have singing because there is no one to play the small organ, but Websters do not need accompanment to sing the songs we know by heart!

After Mom got us all settled down, Dad got to the business of Church.

After the service, we took advantage of having the one non-family in the congregation to take family photos - it seemed appropriate that the Family Photos be in the Church.

The tradition in Farmerville is for the congregation to gather at a local diner for lunch
and so we did.

It was a Great Sunday!

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Vivian said...

What a great post - really makes me miss my family in the south - and the church on every corner.