Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Home

Monday Dec 22 the Webster clan headed to the airport - Butch flying to LA, Richard, Arlene, Mary & myself flying to Seattle. At least we thought we were. Butches flight was delayed but not cancelled. Our flight was definitely cancelled. They searched for other flights on other days and the best they could do for us was to fly out of Monroe on December 26th.

As much as we enjoyed our visit with the Folks we just couldn't fathom spending that much more time in Louisiana especially since Betsy May was flying from Portland and Madeline was flying from Montreal on the 23rd to be with their Moms (Me & Mary, respectively) and Butch had booked a flight from LA for Xmas in Wenatchee. Richard did some inquires about renting a car - we were in luck, there was one car available for out of state travel - we could have it for $125/day - Richard asks us what we wanted to do and we all responded loudly
Which was our mantra thru out the whole drive.

The first thing Richard did was to get a charger for his cell phone, and a map.
We headed West toward Dallas.
Which is a Mess, by the way.

Outside of Texas we called Ed & Martha to pick their brains about the best route home, since they have done the trip many times.

I think it is the first time Arlene & I loved the cell phone.
The whole trip we got weather, road condition updates and route advice from Martha, Ed & Jehd. Butch called to let us know he made it safely home, and kept tabs on us. Keith called to keep us updated about the Girls arrival. Best of all was Richards ring-tone which was a Latin based tune. When we would hear that tone all the girls in the car would start to do a dance and smile so big!

On our second pit-stop we got groceries - breakfasts & lunch foods plus a bait bucket and frozen peas to keep the cold foods kinda cool. Our plan was to only stop for gas & pee breaks and motels at the end of the day. We could eat on the road.
Three of us took turns with the driving and Mary read to us from the New Yorker Magazine (fiction edition) that I happened to have bought in Houston.
Another plus was that the car came with XM radio with a Jimmy Buffet station and Xmas music station.
We were set!
"Road Trip!"

The drive was about 2400 miles -
Day one we drove 544 miles in 10 hours
We were still in Texas by 7:30pm when we stopped for supper & motel rooms.
It was a little disappointing when people called asking where we were when we had to say
"Still in Texas" - but it was our first day and we got off to a late start and all...

Richard & Arlene took photos - from the car as we were driving!
My camera was packed away.
All of these photos are Arlene's, as I wasn't able to download Richards.

Day two we traveled 990 miles - 16 hours on the road
10pm Buffalo Wyoming (I think that's the name of the town)
We had warnings from our Life-Lines that we were heading towards bad weather and to keep driving for as long as we could. So we skipped getting supper and just kept truckin'

And our sources were right about the bad weather.
Arlene was driving when the wind gusts Martha had alerted us about hit.
She did such a great job of driving!

The next day we drove the rest of the way home!
Another 900 plus (maybe 1000)mile drive - 16 hours
Arlene had icy roads, snow & wind, Richard drove in the dark with freezing rain (thank goodness he bought the ice scaper when he bought chains - the last pair for miles!)
They both did an excellent job. I chose to only drive in the good weather.
I did the final leg home -
Which was Dec. 24 around 10pm.
We kept saying that we made it home because of the Potent Prayers from our Family!

We kept a log of who drove when & where and when we stopped etc. so later we could make a scrape book of sorts. And here is what we made.

Madeline made it to Wenatchee on Dec 22 - she had lots of delays but she made it!
Betsy May was not so fortunate; it took her 2 1/2 hours just to get to the Portland airport, her flight had left and she couldn't get on another.
But it was good that we could talk on the cell phone while she was in the airport.
Richard & Arlene left the farm Christmas Day after Stockings so they could return the rental car and pick up their sick kitty.
Butch flew into Wenatchee Christmas Day afternoon and stayed with us until Jan 2
Madeline left Jan 1.
Arlene came back the first week of Jan and when she left Jan 7 Mary went with her for she flew to San Salvador Jan 8th.
It was a memorable trip and Holiday!
Next post will be photos of the Family Holiday.

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April said...

nice - we love road trips! what an adventure... and beautiful pictures - the farm is looking so, so good! I miss the snow that was here... now we are just left with cold. Love, April