Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing Catch - Up

Yikes! The last time I was here was Thanksgiving!!
Well I'm determined to catch you all up - there are several stories to be told and it's going to take awhile.

I think I will start with the sad news then work backwards in time on all the good stuff.
Our best goat Porkchop died this new year.
By the look of her face, it seems that she didn't suffer - very serene.
I failed Animal Husbandry 101 this past fall by not getting the girls away from the boys soon enough. It looks like all the females are pregnant. I hadn't planned on getting Porkchop pregnant and it looks like it was the pregnancy that done her in. She did not give birth, only a partial birth to one when Keith found her. I had a migraine that morning so it took over my duties. He seems to always get the rough turn of events.
The ground is frozen, so no burial. Instead we put her in a far corner of the farm for the wild life to make use of her body. The circle concept.
It took about a week for the coyotes to find the body - today I saw that the Ravens and Eagles are having their turn. I haven't gone up close for these discoveries - Keith did for the coyotes, I took him on his word and this morning I saw the Ravens and Eagles flying, fighting in the air above Porkchops area.

She was such a good goat and we will miss her.

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April said...

We are all very sad... I'm so sorry Megan and Keith. Love to you - April and Lucy and Jasper