Tuesday, January 13, 2009


On December 16th leaving Keith and the snow behind I flew to Louisiana to join my siblings to celebrate our Mom's 80th Birthday!
Well I tried. My connecting flight in Houston was delayed due to mechanical troubles. An hour or so later a lady with a thick southern accent announced that the problem had been fixed but that they had lost the Crew. Time passed, the passengers were getting antsy, I made friends with an elderly gentleman. He had great stories about growing up in Minnesota and being part of a Boys Band just like in "The Music Man". The Southern gal made a new announcement "Good news, we found a Crew, they are just getting off a flight from New Jersey, as soon as they are able they will get on our flight and we will be good to go!" The passengers including me were very happy. Until the next announcement came - "Due to fog the flight is cancelled, please make your way to the counter to see if you can get on a flight tomorrow, to find out how to retrieve your luggage and to receive a voucher for a hotel." My new friend was not physically able to stand in line so I stood for him. As I got a wheelchair for my pal and booked us flights for the next day another gentleman joined us - he didn't know where to go to get the luggage or hotel and wanted to follow us. So off we went - a bit like Dorothy the Tinman and Scarecrow. With the help from the wheelchair attendee we made it to the luggage area and the hotel - turns out this hotel does not accept the vouchers from the airlines and a room would cost $259 a night! That's where I left the Tinman & Scarecrow - after borrowing one of their cell phones to call Mom & Dad to let them know that I would be in Monroe the next morning - hopefully. I found the perfect spot in the terminal to spend the night - four comfy chairs by Starbucks. To pass the time, I road the train that went to the different areas of the airport - met a girl on the train who was stranded as well, from her I learned that none of the hotels in the area accepted the vouchers and they were all too expensive- I told her where the comfy chairs were and told her that was where I would be. I had my luggage so I had my toothpaste and other toiletries to feel fresh after riding the train. My comfy chairs were still unoccupied when I returned - soon the young lady arrived and claimed one for herself, before long the other two were occupied with women - all had great stories. It wasn't such a bad night of no sleep and the price was right. My flight did leave the next morning - only 2 hours delay but we did land in Monroe and I was so happy to see my Mom waiting for me with a big smile on her face and a huge hug for my body. Mom and I were due in St. Joe for an overnight visit with our dear friends Mrs. Mac and her sister "Aunt" Dot. Mom did the driving while I did the look out for signs, stopped vehicles in the road, and speed limits. An hour and a half later we arrived. Soon after greetings and coffee and lunch I laid down for a much needed nap!

Aunt Dot, Mom, Mrs. Mac sitting on a bench dedicated to Mr. Mac in front of the "Shepherd's Center" a thrift store Mrs. Mac founded to help people in need.
Aunt Dot is always cheery!

I hope I age as well as these two ladies - Mom is 80 and Mrs. Mac is 86.

We had a great visit, then back on the road to Eros, to see Dad, my brother Ed and his wife Martha who live next door to the folks. Richard, Arlene, & Butch were due to arrive that night - but they were flying the same flight I was thru Houston and the weather hadn't changed much over night. I was hoping they would be spared the hectic trip I had had.

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