Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd Weekend in August

What a fun packed weekend plus we had!
Reuben & Carrie arrived Saturday, in time for Cocktail Hour.
They stayed out in the Yurt - Thanks Arlene & Richard!
Kevin, Amy, Tyler, & Susie arrived Saturday evening.
They had the Upstairs Suite.

Our first day, Tyler & Susie helped me feed the chickens
and tossed overgrown zuchinni to the cow.

Later Grandpa Keith took Tyler for a Ride on the Quad.

They both had a blast, as you can see from this video.

On Sunday we went over to our good Neighbors Dave & Judy.
Tyler helped me pull carrots out of the dirt to give to their horses.

Susie wasn't too sure at first if she wanted to pet those big animals,

after awhile she decided that perhaps it might be fun,

then it got to where she was an eager beaver to pet the horses!

Tyler liked the horses as well.
And the horses enjoyed the carrots he brought them very much, Thank you.

Carrie was the Lucky Girl of the Day.
Dave let her ride Patch while he rode the brown horse (forgot his name) up Mud Creek way.

Back at the Farm, Tyler helped me some more in the garden, digging potatoes and picking cherry tomatoes, and more carrots for dinner.
Susie gets a good view of the Sunflowers with help from her Tall Dad.
After naps, we took a stroll to the Beach.
Tyler threw rocks for Bandida to get out of the River.

Susie got into the rock fun.
Cinder still hasn't figured out what the Rock Business is all about.

Susie had fun with Dad.

Going Back Home.

Monday the Martin's spent in Chelan visiting neighbors they had in Rexburg Idaho.
Tuesday we drove to Entiat to play some miniature golf.
The boys drove in the Porsche, and the girls followed in Kevin & Amy's car.
It was photo opt time with Tyler being the Star in the Porsche!

And They're Off - Zoom Zoom!

Tyler & Susie did great at Golf.
It was a fun course with lots of elves and trains and more elves.

Grandpa shoots the ball into the train station,

while Tyler waits for the ball to come out thru the train tunnel.

"Where did that ball go?"
It was time for Lunch and Cisco's was the place to go.
I love this photo of Amy & Tyler, to me it shows how similar Mom & Son are.

Susie was pretty tired, she ate but she could barely stay awake.
She missed out on icecream cones at Cooper's Cafe.
Sound asleep she was.

Reuben & Carrie left Monday morning (bad mother I am, I took no photos of Reuben)
The Martins left Wednesday early morning - they had a long ride in front of them - 14 hours.

We sure had a good time with all the Family and hope they will all come back real soon!

(I finally took an OK self-style-photo!)
What a cutie Tyler is!

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