Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harvest Time

It's the peak of Harvest Time in the garden.
Green beans are on the tale end, and the tomatoes are in the beginning stages.
The work in the garden changes now, I don't concentrate on weeding because the plants are now stronger than the weeds, at least that's my theory. All the work is in harvesting and putting food up for Winter. Mornings after Milking and Feeding I spend gathering the vegetables,

tomatoes, mostly from the green house, except for the cherry tomatoes, they are ready in the garden. In the green house we get beautiful full size yellow, pink and red tomatoes, and black plum tomatoes, but also the Horny Tomato Worm!
I can't bear to touch them so Keith does that for me. He gets about 10 each morning.
I find them repulsive.
Here's a little video of these Munchers.

Once I've gather the produce I have to figure out what I am going to do with it.
So far I've made roasted tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, and pizza sauce, but that is all.
I hope to pickle the cucumbers & green beans, but it hasn't happened yet and must likely won't.
Luckily we have neighbors and guests who take the extra produce off our hands!
The peaches are almost ready to pick!
Unfortunately while I was under this branch to take a photo of it's fullness,
the branch cracked and came down upon my head!
This is a lesson for us about thinning.
We didn't thin well enough, but it is so tempting to leave the little peaches on
because it seems like you are taking off so many when you thin.
I need to remember that for the health of the tree I must be aggressive with the thinning

I went ahead and picked the fruit off the branch and put them in
brown bags to ripen.

But the rest of the crop is on the cusp of ripeness!
These pumpkins came out of the green house.
I baked them,
and made pie (the rest of the filling I froze for another time)

This is for Kevin.
My first time to eat trout and it was Delicious!
Thank Kevin.

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

The health of the tree and the health of your head:) I wonder if the horney has anything to do with the fact there are so many of them:) and not just the appearance. They look huge. Rainbow trout was always my favorite growing up, I have never had Brook trout I'll bet it was tasty!