Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ohme Gardens

Still posting about July, still about Emily & Carmen's visit.
All us girls took a trip to Ohme Garden's.
The plan was to pick up a picnic lunch at the local Entiat Pastry Shop.
This was a Tuesday, shouldn't be a busy day in Entiat, but it was.
There were about 15 people ordering lunches (looked like out-of-towners) and only two employees in the bakery!
Emily brought her camera along and took shots of us waiting, waiting and waiting.
About 45 minutes of waiting.

But the sandwiches did finally get made and we drove to Ohme garden's to eat them. Except for Emily, she had hers consumed by the time we got to the table!
They were delicious.

Here are Emily's photos of our walk thru the Gardens.

If you haven't been you should go! They are amazing.

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