Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wool Washing & Pickin' Cherries

Our 4th of July weekend was not about fireworks but was all about Work!
A-R & Julie came out for the Farm Fun, bringing my sister Mary with them.
Julie taught me how to wash wool. It's very meditative work.
Every movement is done very s-l-o-w-l-y.
Mean while A-R picked cherries for us.

She picked WAY MORE than this shows. She picked everyones paycheck.
That's right - we paid for their work by the pound of cherry.
Of course A-R had to get paid in the product that she picked....hmmm doesn't seem quite fair.
The Wool Washing assemble.
The first wash The First Rinse.
The second Rinse.

The Washed Wool Drying.

Julie then showed my how to use my Drum Carder. That Combs the Wool, after that you can Spin the Wool.

That wasn't all the work. Julie & A-R also did weeding in the vineyard, which wasn't a lot of fun considering the temperature and the height of the weeds!

More photos of that coming. You will be impressed by their efforts!

It was great seeing Julie again, it had been 4 years, since our wedding, that she had been to the farm. Of course Anne-Renee is always a welcomed friend - we wish she would stay all the time!

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