Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Deer!

The deer are descending on the Vineyard.
They think it's a salad bar and nibbling away on the new leaves!

"Time to put up the Deer Fence" Farmer Keith declared.
He rushed to Big R and bought the supplies.
In two days he had the fence up!

It's Solar Powered!
He read on the Internet that you should bait the fence, to draw the deer to it,
so they know exactly what it is!
Keith used metal ladles, peanut butter and apples
(the apple is gone from this trap - unfortunately not eaten by the deer, but dumped out
by Farmer Keith to set again)

The fence is going to have one more line along the top, we just ran out of wire. Hopefully this will work!

Next are trellises and figureing out what type of cover crop for between the rows and the rest of the hill side.
But next on the list is the new Goat fence as you will see when you read further.

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