Monday, August 25, 2008

Valentino coming into his Oats

The Kidds are going up.
Still, they haven't stopped nursing, which means I still have to seperate them from Mom
twice a day. I usually forget one of the timepoints so end up milking just once a day.
Because of the small amount of milk, we are not drinking the goats milk,
instead I am using all of it to attempt to make cheese, yogurt, and buttermilk.
The best so far has been the yogurt.
The cheese is edible, if not by us by the chickens!

The goat that is really going thru the change is Valentino.
He wants Porkchop and wont leave her alone!
The solution is fixing the male goats stall and fenced yard, but that won't happen
for at least another week or so.
In the meantime I put Valentino & Sparky together in the nursery all day...
that didn't work,
they did what bucks do and bucked eachother.

Valentino looks like he got the worse of it....mainly because of his white hide,

poor fella,

you can barely see Sparky's bloody head.

So the latest solution - Valentino stay's in the nursery by himself all day, and I put the other kidds in there when I need to seperate them from Porkchop for milking purposes.

The Bucks don't seem to fight when the girls are in there with them. A lot of the times I can't get Sparky to go in, which seems to be OK, because he doesn't nurse Porkchop when he is the only Kidd with least she still has milk for me if he is the only one with her.

That worked for a couple of days, last night I went to milk and everyone was out of the Nursery except for Fletchers! Seems like he must have busted them all Out!
Of course I didn't have any milk...sigh.

Here is a video of what Valentino sounds like when he trying to impress Porkchop (surprisingly he doesn't do this to Girly-girl, Tuffy or the other girls) It isn't the bestvideo...but see if you can see this thing he does with his tongue and he has a different sound.

Porkchop likes it and hardly leaves the gate seperating the two.

It's OK if they breed - they aren't related, but it isn't the right time of year for that - the babies would be born in Winter if it happened now. So they both will have to wait till November. Also to add to the delight, Valentino is beginning to Smell!

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

Sometimes I think a good head bang is just the ticket. Scott says "No Missy" but I think maybe he is right after the bloddy photos:)