Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last week wasn't all woes. The beginning was great, thanks to the arrival of Arlene and her Posse! What fun I had with four gals, Arlene, Betsy, Sharon, & Margaret all from the Coast!
We brought Cocktail Hour to the River

Arlene walked out into the River and found a perfect rock for doing back stretches,
she also took these photos from there.
The dogs deserted us and headed to the yurt,
the Coast Girls were much more fun than us old Farmers!

Betsy doing Yoga intrigued the Pups; Bandida tried to follow Betsy's lead but....

she became frustrated and decided to take her head off!

I gave a Farm Fashion Show.

It was a good time; they made Dinner for Keith & I, Bill showed up just in time to join us for the delightful affair... Outdoors under the grape canopy outside the Yurt door with Candle light and Stars - It was Beautiful and Delicious!

You Gals can come any Ol' Time!

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

How cold is the water in the river? I guess if it is hot enought outside it does nto matter. I love water I woudl want to get it:) How fun to be with the girls. Bella freaks out when I exercise and jumps all over me. I think she wants me to keep chubby becasue it is a nice soft seat for her:) I wish I could get to to yoga with me.