Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Weekend of August

Richard & Arlene came out for a visit, and Richard brought along his new Bike!

She's a Beaute isn't she?
I've finished the July posts and now August is half way over, time is flying!
Keith is cutting the alfalfa has I type.
I'm harvesting like crazy in the garden, trying to figure out how to cold storage the potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, & apples.
Hoping I'll do a little pickling with the cucumbers and trying to decide what to do with all the cherry tomatos---dry them, make sauce with them, roast them...all of it, it seems a little overwelming when everything is ready at once.
The weather is heating up, we are suppose to hit the 100's by tomorrow.
Soon I'll post photos from the grandkids & their parents visit,
Reuben & Carrie's visit,
and I'll throw in some shots of the garden harvest and of course some haying.
You can never have enough photos of Farmer Keith and his Swather!

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