Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Girls Come to the Farm...

Emily, Ama and her school days friend, Carmen paid us a visit!
Emily is still living in Alaska, going to school, working, taking fireman training and chopping wood for the winter.
Carmen just graduated from Berkley -in physics and astronomy.
We had great talks with them, about Life, Books, and The Pursuit of Happiness, which may or may not include meeting a boys soccer team.
No we don't have horses, these are our neighbor Dave's horses.
The horses like carrots.
The girls like horses.
It seemed right that they should visit with carrots.

Here are some photos they took of the farm,

Emily & Carmen's favorite wiener dog.

Carmen picking green beans for supper.

Hank feels right at home with the UPS guy and his Truck!

We also went to Ohme Gardens with the Girls,
but that's another post.


Alyssa said...

Soooo...I think it may be the angle of the camera but it seems that Hank has slimmed down a bit?

Our Farm: Keith & Megan said...

Which photo are you looking at?
The one with Carmen & the Green Beans is Ama....
The UPS is Hank, but it's hard to see his Barrel chest in that shot.

Alyssa said...

I was misled by the black and the white chest spot...but I was definately looking at the green beans picture...who would have thought another black dog with white chest spot would be on the farm. Hope hank took it well:) At least he's friendly to the UPS guy