Friday, August 22, 2008

Doggie-Wrestlemania Smack Down

"And now wrestling fans for tonite's main event. In this corner (left) is that outrageous Ausie "Deuce the Destroyer" and in the other corner is the Canine carnivore "Cinder-Relly."

The Ref speaks to the contestants
"I want a clean fight, ya hear?
If I see any monkey business I'll personally tear you apart".

The bell rings and we're underway wrestling fans...

Cinder-Relly is down,

Cinder pulls out of Deuce's Death Hold

It looks really vicious folks!
Let's keep it clean pups!

Nothing below the belt, Deuce!

Cinder claws at Deuce...

Both grapplers are looking rather tired and it's only the first round...

Cinder cries "No mas!"
The Ref yells "Fights over, no decision!"

After the fight, two remain friends and head to the finest trough in town.
Some nites it's a real food fight! This looks to be no exception.
"Waiter, my water is a bit warm!"

"What are you looking at? You want some of this?

If you don't fix it your gonna be in serious trouble!"


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